Official Sense4FIT Whitepaper

Welcome to the Fitnessverse

Undoubtedly, a transformative fitness journey is a very hard road to go down and even harder to commit to. A fitness journey is endless, with exercise being hard work. Exercise means an elevated heart rate, breathlessness, burning muscles and occasionally, exhaustion. The fitter you get the harder you have to push yourself to maintain that fitness level.
Working hard will become part of your nature at Sense4FIT. Consistency is crucial, and since for many people the prospect of a long, healthy life is not incentivizing enough, Sense4FIT has come up with the ultimate reward for working out and living healthy. Simply having a constant routine that benefits your mind and body is the optimal solution, with Fit2Earn providing a fun and immersive option. Thus users can challenge themselves, while also earning $SFIT tokens and improve their lifestyle in one go.
However, simply being active for 1 or 2 out of 24 hours a day is insufficient, that is why at Sense4FIT, everything is taken into consideration. From sleep to nutrition, exercise with the best trainers and mindfulness to ensure your best health is achieved. Of course, you will need a tracker in order to keep a record of all this and track progress as well as to ensure no cheating, through our innovative Proof-of-Activity mechanism. The Sense4FIT ecosystem centers around NFTs, which enable access and determine your rank and reward potential. Thus you are constantly incentivized to train harder and smarter and to unlock new challenges that will maximize your $SFIT earnings. In addition, Sense4FIT has create a very attractive digital ecosystem, which is enticing to potential investors, allowing for differentiated NFT trading.
Sense4FIT provides a multitude of workout options, professional trainers, and the best video content. With our Coach-on-Demand service, plus a diversity of challenges to keep you engaged, even adding a social element to fitness, you can work out in teams or compete against each other in order to exclude boredom and deter quitting.
Last modified 1yr ago