🧱Token Risks

You understand and accept the risks associated with coding errors, (bugs), that may cause the software to malfunction, and security vulnerabilities that allow thieves, "hackers," to break in and steal funds from the project.

You are responsible for any transactions that you enact involving $SFIT tokens, please always double check addresses before sending or receiving $SFIT tokes, Sense4FIT is not responsible for misplacing tokens, transaction failures or your failure to properly secure any private key, passphrase or password to a wallet containing Tokens. Please keep all of your information secure as failing to follow guidelines will result in the total loss of all tokens which in the majority of cases will be forever unrecoverable.

You understand and accept the fact that crypto markets are neither mature nor fully developed, with sufficient liquidity and volume to provide stable prices, and are susceptible to very high volatility and vulnerability to price manipulation by large players in the market. Therefore you must understand and accept that the price at which $SFIT Tokens will be traded will depend upon a number of factors, most of which are beyond Sense4FIT’s control.

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