Experience, Energy, Power-ups & Mystery Boxes

Experience or XP is vital for leveling up, only possible when a user has gained on average 65% XP compared to the previous level. It infers that it gets progressively harder to level up, meaning that users have to be constantly committed in order to achieve true progress and maximize rewards. What users should also know is that XP declines for inactivity, thus based on the total number of inactive days, they will receive proportional penalties on a daily basis.
(Penalty Mechanism for non activity)
XP cannot be bought and is mostly gained from workouts in single mode (this also involves additional sports and not just our pre-recorded videos) and challenges (detailed later). Nevertheless, XP can also be gained by watching ads (for a maximum of one view a day), but also by purchasing Power-Ups, which will be detailed further below.
Experience is heavily dependent on the length of workouts, with longer workouts yielding higher rewards. As one progresses through the ranks, they unlock lengthier workouts as well as access to harder challenges, which in turn yield out higher rewards. We have also calculated how quickly one can progress from “Zero to Hero”, meaning how fast they progress to the final rank. Without any multipliers stemming from Nutrition & Mindfulness challenges, a user can become Ultra Challenger in 53.5 weeks if they work out daily, and 75 weeks if they work out 5 times a week. However, the number of weeks necessary for full progression can be slightly reduced through nutrition and mindfulness challenges. In addition, since we want to stimulate further adoption, one's fitness progression and rank level-up will be also aided through the referral program, based on the new number of users they have managed to bring to the platform.
Below you can find an example of how a Rank 7 user can gain XP from a 30 minute workout.