Referral system

The Sense4FIT Referral system will continue to be developed, and be based on multi-level marketing. The referral system allows both the newly referred user and the original referee to benefit from the rewards, this encourages more people to join the Sense4FIT ecosystem and for them to grow their respective teams.
By completing the action in the Sense4FIT App of referring new users, there will be multiple types of rewards to be allocated, which are calculated depending on which of the following actions are completed.
Examples of actions that the allocated reward will depend on and include the following:
✔️New users complete sign up
✔️New users create avatars
✔️New users complete social challenges
✔️New users complete nutrition exercises
✔️New users complete mindfulness exercises
✔️New users complete individual challenges
✔️New users complete group challenges
✔️New users complete team challenges
✔️New users purchase NFTs
New users refer other new users In order to successfully refer a new user, all steps that are mentioned in the app must be completed, failure to follow all steps accordingly may result in no rewards.
This system results in the initial user that completed the referral action, being rewarded constantly as a result of the new user's actions, this creates a cycle of newly referred users and stimulates the incentive to refer, thus growing the reach of the platform.