🏺Regulatory Risk

You understand and accept that the technology used in Sense4FIT is subject to legal relationships, there is always the possibility that some jurisdictions may apply new or existing regulations that relate to blockchain technology-based applications or cryptocurrencies that can affect the current setup of Sense4FIT, therefore causing modification or complication in the current Fit2Earn model, including its termination and the loss of the $SFIT Tokens, their value or functionality or even the cease of operations.

You understand and accept that under applicable law, $SFIT tokens may be considered securities or financial instruments by regulators, therefore it remains your responsibility to comply with any applicable laws and regulations when holding or dealing with $SFIT Tokens.

The Crypto and Decentralized Finance space is complex new territory, which may be subject to regulations and policy changes that can adversely affect $SFIT tokens, Sense4FIT app, the overall project and any value attached to them.

There is the possibility of future restrictions on any future ability to transfer or resell or conduct or continue an operational activity. This could lead to significant changes with respect to $SFIT Tokens, how $SFIT Tokens are structured, how they are purchased and sold, and other issues, which could lead to the termination of the project and to loss of funds.

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