🀝Team challenges

Today’s social rules tend to influence people to live a more independent life and give less importance to teamwork, communication and community achievement.

The Sense4FIT founders believe to have found a method that embraces both physical workout and teamwork. Team challenges will give the users the opportunity to work together as a group with the purpose of achieving the highest rate of daily workout (i.e. 30, 60 or 90 days) against another team of users with the same goal.

As for the team challenge methodology, funds of both teams are locked until the challenge is over and unlocked straight after the challenge has ended, to allow for reward collection.

As two teams are competing one against the other, the winning team will receive multiplied rewards, while the other team will lose their locked funds.

This concept is defined as Zero Sum Game. During this process, a part of the rewards that have been collected from the losing team will be given to the Sense4FIT ecosystem, therefore benefiting the overall system algorithm. Sense4FIT brings an innovation, compared to the traditional reward collection system, namely it allows the winning team to collect the rewards either as $SFIT tokens or stablecoin (USDT).

Ideally, beginner teams should be allocated one against each other and experienced teams (based on the NFT rank) should be allocated one against each other. This will boost the competitiveness of the teams and will result in more exercise being done, thus boosting the Sense4FIT algorithm and better reviews from the users.

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