NFT Concept

What are NFTs used for?

The Sense4FIT NFTs act as a subscription to a regular gym, yet it comes at a much lower cost, can raise in value, and provides users with opportunities to earn crypto, thus easily recouping its initial purchase value. They represent the access key to the Sense4FIT ecosystem, required to participate in the Fit2Earn. This not only allows you to workout and get compensated for it, but you also unlock special access to Boot Camps, Nutrition Seminars, Partner Discounts and Special Events.
Based on the rank of your NFT, you can partake in different challenges, with your rewards potential influenced by a number of factors. The Sense4FIT NFTs each have a certain rank, which can be leveled up through experience. Accessing a higher rank will pay out better rewards, and an increased XP allows you to train for longer and unlock a variety of new features within the Sense4FIT ecosystem. This not only improves the user experience, but also creates advantages specific to the Sense4FIT business model. The way NFTs and consumables work will be detailed completely in the next subchapter.

Types of NFTs

Currently, there are 10 NFT badges, each allowing a potential level-up between ranks. The emboldened badges are the ones allowing access to avatars, which can act as your representation in the metaverse.