Fitness progress goes hand in hand with a healthy and balanced diet. For this exact reason, we want to ensure that users are aided in their fitness transformation, with several diets proposed to be followed and tracked through the Sense4FIT app. Currently, we have implemented a variety of diets, namely Regular, Vegan, Vegetarian and Pescarian. It should be mentioned that the daily tracker is not limited to a set of pre-recorded diets, but can also act as a calorie tracker, with an ML algorithm understanding and measuring the user’s diet. PoA for the Nutrition Tracker is performed through the Sense4FIT app, with a third-party AI requiring camera permission from your device to β€œscan” your food. Following the scan, the AI algorithm, which has been trained to distinguish between types of meals, will track your nutritional intake.

One food scan is available every 4 hours, in order to minimize API server calls, being a more cost-efficient solution. No more than 4 scans are available every day, since we do not encourage cheat meals nor condone users trying to cheat the systems, scanning other people’s food. The total number of food scans is also dependent on the type of diet a user has chosen. Let’s take the example of intermittent fasting, where a person can only eat for 8 hours a day. In such a case, the maximum number of scans will be 3, one when the user has his first meal, the second 4 hours later, and the final one is when the user has his final meal, 8 hours later. If a user completes a minimum of 3 food scans every day, they will qualify for the daily rewards, only if they have completed the Workout mode (Single-Mode, Challenges, Team Challenges) for the week. Users are allowed to have a cheat day, but they are still required to complete their scans for the day in cause, with the AI tracker labeling the food and number of calories, ensuring that the user still respects a healthy diet and has traceability over their nutritional intake.

In case of unforeseen circumstances (going out, parties, birthdays, personal matters), users can have an additional cheat day, but they can maintain their reward level for that day, without having to respect their scans, only by watching ads instead of the three daily scans. Since we do not want to incentivize β€œcheat meals” too often, a user can benefit from the additional cheat day a maximum of twice a month. If a user surpasses that, they will lose their Nutrition rewards until a healthy and balanced diet is respected for a minimum of 2 weeks.

In addition, we plan on implementing a Water Tracker, which is not mandatory but also yields further rewards. Since we don’t currently possess the technology to accurately track water intake, we plan to send out reminders for users to stay hydrated during their workouts. Thus for a 60-minute workout or below, we will send out one reminder for users to take a hydration break, while for workouts longer than 60 minutes, 2 evenly spaced out reminders will be sent out, based on BPM and kCal burned. The user can then watch an ad while hydrating, in order to further monetize their actions.

Lastly, for the second version of the Sense4FIT app, we want to develop and implement Nutrition Classes. These will consist of direct consultations with nutritionists, in which users can spend the $SFIT earned in order to partake. Nevertheless, Nutrition Classes can also be accessed based on the rank of your NFT and can represent an incentive to spend on power-ups.

Moreover, we are also planning to introduce a Healthy Recipe series, consisting of pre-recorded cooking videos, which users can watch to earn more $SFIT tokens, respecting a watch-to-earn model. Rewards for users will come from the fact that every recipe will be created in collaboration with different nutrition companies, willing to promote their products in a very receptive environment, consisting of fitness enthusiasts.

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